First Comes Love, then Comes the Internet

Photo by .jennifer donley.

The Internet is good for many things.

Admittedly, I attended two funerals via the Internet last year. And the first item I put in this year’s planner was the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton (which I will likely attend via the Internet on April 29th). But this article from The New York Times made me do some thinking:

In an age of commemorating birthdays, weddings and anniversaries on Facebook and Twitter, it was perhaps inevitable that live Web-streaming funerals for friends and loved ones would be next.

It is no surprise that the deaths of celebrities, like Michael Jackson, or honored political figures, like the United States diplomat Richard Holbrooke, are promoted as international Web events. So, too, was the memorial service for the six people killed Jan. 8 in Tucson, which had thousands of viewers on the Web.

But now the once-private funerals and memorials of less-noted citizens are also going online . . .

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