Introducing ThredUp

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It’s Friday night and I have a deal for you . . .


Did you know that kids outgrow a set of new clothes about every 6 months? That parents spend nearly $20,000 on clothes by the time a child is 17? That’s just on the staples (no jackets, shoes, etc..)

Kids are expensive. They grow fast. And yet one of the most valuable things any kid has–clothing–just gets given away when it’s outgrown.

Why? Because no great solution exists to help parents affordably and conveniently exchange clothes their child has outgrown for new clothes that fit. Traditional retail is exceedingly expensive. eBay, consignment and thrift stores are time consuming and tedious. Hand-me-downs and swap parties provide limited selections and are hard to coordinate. Most parents of the 72 million kids out there do nothing but give clothes away. Not anymore.

thredUP helps America’s busiest families conveniently exchange kids clothing online.

Check out the website! You’ll be glad you did.

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