January Change

I promised one change a month for 2011.

I have big dreams for this little website. I’m not going to lie. It’s the beginning of something good, I believe. The number of people who are joining the site continues to climb, and I am getting great feedback from people who love their home as much as I do.

Home management is alive and well! Never think otherwise.

And so here is change #1 for 2011. Last year I tried a little experiment that apparently resonated well with people. For everyone who joined our Facebook group, I posted as a status update one tip/hint from my stash of home remedies. I have been asked to bring it back for 2011:

And so I am.

Right now the number of people in the Facebook group is 170. That’s a great number, yet it is a small fraction of our total members. If you are waiting for the little push to join, consider this to be your personal invitation. I have collected hundreds of tips I am anxious to share.

You don’t have to be a member of the daily e-mail list to join the Facebook group.

SO much is planned for 2011. Stay tuned, loyal readers and friends.


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