A Laundering We Will Go!

Photo courtesy of www.myhomemystyle.com

Tonight I discovered a new magazine.

I imagine I felt much like Columbus must have felt when he discovered the new world. Only there was no question about what I found. (And I didn’t take it from anybody.)

Anyway. Tonight I have been thinking about laundry duty since Saturday is always designated as “laundry/utility/basement” day at my house. Here are 3 tips I have been pondering:

1. Turn your jeans inside out when you wash them.
2. Dry muddy clothes before tossing them in the wash. (This will enable you to brush off the dirt first.)
3. Take seriously the detergent recommendations. Use the right amount to avoid soap overload. (Contrary to what you might think, “extra soap” won’t make the laundry cleaner. It will clog the machine and leave your clothes stiff.)

Happy laundering!

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