On Laundry and Lists

Photo by carol.baby

It’s Friday night. Let’s talk laundry. (What could be more fun?)

Here are some lessons I have learned about the laundry room. It is a good idea to:

1. Organize the products in your laundry room according to how often you use them. Products used most often should be easiest to reach. Products used least often should be out of the way. (Keep in mind that expiration dates are very important on all chemicals.)

2. Keep the floor clear of clutter and cleaning products. (This is especially true if there are children in the home.) Nothing makes a laundry room scream, “Stay out!” like a cluttered floor.

3. Designate a space for folding/prepping/ironing. The more often you use the same space for the same task, the faster it becomes second nature. If it takes an act of Congress to get the ironing board set up each time you need to use it, the chances of you actually using it are slim.

4. Transform the room from a gloomy space into a happy place and you are less likely to dread the laundry. Adding light or color or art is a great idea. Making it look as little like a dungeon as possible is smart if you want to learn to not hate going inside.

Just my two cents.

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