Guest Blogger: Piqued Interest

Photo by Benimoto

The internet can be a blessing and a curse.

It has been a time-saving friend in a pinch and a thieving troll of some precious moments. Frankly, though, the latter is my fault. If I were a more disciplined warrior of my time, then the dragon Internet would be no match for my strength. Let’s all get it off our chests together. Hello, my name is …., and, at times, I’ve given too much of my time to the internet. Ok. That’s done. Let’s move on.

Though it can be the ultimate time suckage, the Internet has actually enriched my life. Let’s debate the logic of that sentence later–how something can basically devalue my life while improving it. I’ve found some great recipes, fun kids craft projects, free patterns for yarn crafts, design ideas, and more. Problem is, I don’t always remember on which website I saw these ideas. And if I do happen to bookmark those sites, it can be quite the hassle trying to look at them all. Not to mention the frustration if your computer gets the flu or someone accidentally deletes your treasure trove of websites.

That’s why I was happy to stumble upon a website that catalogs all my piqued internet interests. Aptly named Pinterest, the website is moderately exclusive, though the moderators seem to let any old person in so long as you click that “request an invite” button. I mean, hey, they let me in!
Pinterest boasts even more features than just bookmarking, so I recommend you go check it out! It can actually save you some time by keeping all your bookmarked sites in one digital scrapbook.

But I warn you, Pinterest can be addicting!

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