Pocket Change

Photo by AForestFrolic

“Can people change?”

I often receive questions from readers. (Many of you know that because you are awaiting a reply. This year, I plan to make a priority of answering the plethora of questions I receive. Watch for it.) This question–asked today–made me stop and think.

Can people change?

Yes. Of course people can change. Death is really the only thing that stops a man from changing–and that is only after death changes the man entirely.

So, yes, people can change. We MUST change. There is no other choice. God, alone, is incapable of changing.

So instead of pondering whether or not change is possible, we must ask ourselves what change we WISH to see in ourselves, in our homes, in our lives. We must make the small changes that we lead–in time–to the large changes. And we must, every day, take the steps to make the changes we want to see for years to come.

2010 will be epic, Friends. Just wait and see!

Happy New Year!

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