Guest Blogger: Dear June: I’m Not Perfect

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Dear June

I have a good friend who wants me to start cleaning her house. I am nervous this could destroy our relationship because she’s perfectionistic and I’m not. Any advice?

Dear Friend,
When it comes to the hiring process, one fundamental task has to be accomplished. The prospective employer looks to see that the employee has the qualities to fit the needs and demands of the job.

And in this situation, it sounds like your friend has bypassed this step on account of her friendship with you. For that reason, I think it would be in the best interest of both parties for you to pass on this opportunity. Thank her for wanting to help you out but remind her that you don’t quite meet the qualifications for this particular job. A perfectionist will demand (and deserve) perfectionistic work. And as you’ve said, that’s just not you.

An offer to help her find the perfect person for the job will go a long way to say it isn’t anything personal.

From my home to yours

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