Favorite Things: Rain

Photo by angee09

I like way too much stuff.

That “Favorite Things” is only a blog post theme once a week is too bad. It will take me 10 years of Fridays just to tell you about my favorite books. But alas. I plan to be doing this 10 years from now.

Let’s start with this:

I love rain. For so many reasons, storms are near the top of my “favorites” list. I would take rain over sunshine any day, a storm over a breeze, a puddle over a picnic. You get the drift. When I see rain in the forecast, I feel my mood improve instantaneously. Offer me ten dollars or a storm and I’ll take the storm.

So imagine how excited I was–sitting square in the middle of a non-raining winter that won’t end–to discover simplynoise.com. It is the best free white noise generator on the Internet. I have used this site to:

1. Help me sleep
2. Block distractions while I edit
3. Soothe my headaches
4. Improve my focus
5. Calm children in the room

With the free thunderstorm soundscape (which, FYI, doesn’t sound like someone is pounding a microphone on the ground and calling it “thunder”) I am in total awe of this website . . . the first of my favorite things! Enjoy!

Happy weekend,

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