MRS. JONES: is feeling a bit blue.

Photo by normanack

Welcome to Tuesday’s “In Print” blog entry.

Keeping up with the Joneses has been the goal of home managers–whether intentionally or not–for decades. Looking to neighbors’ and friends’ success (or lack thereof) as a personal benchmark is not uncommon to the typical housewife.

Which is why an article in Slate Magazine caught my attention earlier today.

Apparently, one of the new ways people are “keeping up with the Joneses” is by using Facebook to guage the success of others. And, in fact, the article goes on to discuss statistics concerning people who actually “get depressed” over the happy status updates of others.

Whether or not you agree with this article, it provides a lot of food for thought. While I don’t necessarily ascribe to everything in the article, I am still thinking about it hours after I read it.

It should go without saying that people aren’t only what their Facebook statuses reveal.

Even Mrs. Jones has her days . . .

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