Show and Tell

Photo by Trisha

I have been excited for months over the prospect of debuting this (really cool) guest book.

My dear friend, Laura, is a creative genius. (No doubt it is why she became a teacher.) After visiting her home three years ago, I knew I had hit on entertainment gold when she brought out her little book for me to see.

Recently, I asked her to bring her brilliant book along on a car ride and I snuck pictures of it for your reading enjoyment.

Photo by Trisha

Check out what she does for her guest book:

Photo by Trisha

On pages she pre-prints on her computer, she asks these questions:

Our Name(s):
Relationship to [the hosts’ names]:
Where we traveled from:
When we visited:
Why we came:
Highlights of our visit:
Additional comments:

Having filled out this page myself, I can vouch that the process is brief and fun. She then snaps a picture of the guests before they head out, and over time, she compiles a tiny guest book full of all the memories. Just sitting in her car and flipping through the pages, I felt like I was re-living years of celebrations.

How cool is this?! Leave it to a teacher . . .

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