Sunday Pearls: Forgiven

Photo by kelsey_lovefusionphoto

Here is what I know:

No one has offended me as much as I have offended God.

While on one hand, the truth of that statement is discouraging, sad, heavy–the flipside of that statement is full of promise. I need not carry the burden of disappointments or grievances done to me by anyone else. No matter what anyone does to me, I’ve done it worse to God.

Last week, someone did some pretty underhanded things to me.
–But I’ve been more underhanded in my actions against God.

Today, someone said something pretty hurtful.
–But I’ve said scores of hurtful things to God.

Tomorrow, no doubt, someone will do something–intentionally or otherwise–that isn’t right.
–But, no doubt, I will have plenty to take to the throne of grace on my behalf.

The reality is that people do unkind, unloving, unjust things all the time. You know that, and I know that.

But I do unkind, unloving, unjust things all the time

. . . and am forgiven.

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