Guest Blogger: Visiting the Junk Drawer

Where do you store–and inevitably find–the miscellaneous minutia of your household?

The junk drawer, naturally.

Junk drawers signify chaos and epitomize disorganization. Therefore, we’ve set aside Monday to talk about all things organization. We’ll post within the box (or drawer, if you will) on this topic, but we’ll also venture outside the box of our typical thoughts on getting and staying organized. After all, how many wall units can we look at?

Ok, truth be told, we could look at a new one every day for years and still not exhaust the resources. But trust me when I say this theme will be anything but monotonous. Mondays hold the key to helping us be the house honchos we long to be.

Those of us who have junk drawers (read: junk rooms, closets, drawers, corners, dressers, etc.) in our homes and lives have probably packed a junk receptacle for years. Our pencil bags barely had any room for pencils in grade school. In college, our top dresser drawer was a catch-all for everything from school IDs to old letters. And we graduated into independent adulthood by devoting at least one kitchen drawer to ketchup packets, batteries, and the tooth fairy’s loot.

That’s why today’s organizational item is perfect for stopping this insanity from day 1. Literally!

The Baby Briefcase boasts organization from the start! What could be better? I own 3 of these organizers, a gift from someone who knows my penchant for keeping everything in one place. And they’ve been perfect for holding hospital bracelets, medical records, footprint pictures, first artwork, and much, much more. And what’s even better is that one day, I won’t have to root around some drawer to produce the evidences that my babies were, in fact, 3-and-4-pound little bundles.

It’s all right there in one perfect accordion file.

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