Always a Lender or a Barrower Be

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So the adage is actually, “Never a lender or a barrower be,” but when you hear what my favorite thing is for today’s post, you’ll be ditching that cliche like last night’s chicken bones.

Consider the library.

Now, I understand that you’ve been to the library. Of course you have, (at least for those obligatory field trips in elementary school). But have you considered the ways you might profit from the library today?

Libraries are about more than dusty non-fiction.

My local library–which impresses me more than the Corn Palace of South Dakota–offers programs such as the Museum Adventure Pass (which offers free admission to participating museums), inter-library loan (which allows patrons to request material from around the state), audio books which can be checked out from a personal computer, and (drum roll) eBooks for eReaders. (I checked out a book for my Nook without leaving my house!)

Do yourself a favor and see what YOUR library offers. You might be surprised!

And don’t forget that libraries offer magazines, cookbooks, CDs, and DVDs!

Unless you are my co-worker (who admitted to me today that she ran up a $3,000 library fine when she was in college) you will find that you can enjoy a myriad of entertainment options free of charge.

And just in case you want to know exactly how much you save, click here!

. . . making libraries my favorite things. Happy Friday!

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