Dear June: I can’t keep up!

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Dear June

I am pretty discouraged about my house. It isn’t easy to stay on top of with a house full of kids. What are the ways I can feel like I am making a difference when hourly I want to sit down and cry?
–Mom of 4 under 6

Dear Sister in the Trenches,

Have you ever tried a new exercise regime? Perhaps you threw yourself in whole hog and found out the next day that you hurt in places you can’t speak about in public?!

I think juggling a home and children can be a lot like that. You have one child and flex some new muscles to care for your home and child. When your next child is born, you have to work out a new set of muscles.  And so the pattern goes with each new addition.

But you’ve come to the right place for help! House Honcho was designed to help women just like you improve their homes one step at a time. My advice to you is this:

1.  Have realistic expectations of yourself.  I’m not saying have no expectations.  But accept the fact that you might not be able to clean every room every day.
2.  Read your househoncho e-mails every day!  Try to accomplish one, two, or three tasks from any of the lists.  Start with smaller goals and work your way up as you are able.
3.   Arrange cleaning playdates!  Have a friend who has kids over.  The children will keep each other occupied and you (perhaps along with the help of your friend) can focus on accomplishing those goals from your house honcho task list.  When the kids need attention, your friend is there to help take care of their needs.  Don’t forget to return the favor!
4.   Remember that every moment spent with your kids is a precious gift.  It can be easy to think you’re robbing Peter to pay Paul with regards to your time, but never begrudge yourself quality time with your children. You are weaving a rich fabric in the lives of your children, and it’s a legacy that will be passed down to future generations.

Keep it simple, my friend.

From my home to yours,


  1. great advice. now to remember AND apply it! =)

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