Dear June: Motivate Me!

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Dear June

You are an inspiration to me and I love receiving your daily emails! I just wish I wouldn’t procrastinate when I get home from a long day at work and would actually do what you suggest! I’m exhausted by the end of the day and don’t have the energy to get much done. I need motivation!!! Any ideas??


Dear Sweet Clone of Mine,

I hear you. I really do. Notice, I send you the to-do list but not the energy to get it done. What a scam! I should be ashamed.

Yet, I am not.

I, too, work long days and come home with the weight of the day on my shoulders. What I thrive on, specifically, is routine. I do the same thing each day so that I don’t start unwinding until my work is finished. When I get home from work, I put on a 60-minute CD (generally an audio book) and I commit to cleaning/sorting/organizing for the length of that CD. When the CD is over, my housework is done.

I focus on the designated room and daily to-do list.
Some days, it’s not quite that simple. But most days, I get it done. When I am particularly tired, I put on music–something of the energy-enhancing variety. Music does wonders to the brain.
No matter the length of the cleaning or the time of the day, the bottom line is this. Do your expected, daily task list right away at the same time every day (if possible). The later it’s pushed, the harder it becomes. AND set the parameters so that you know when your job is done.

After that . . . the spilled milk will just have to wait.


Have a question? Send me a message. I will reply.



    I try to do just one or two jobs a day. But if I do feel overwhelmed or tired, I take a minute, have a great cup of coffee and that usually gives me the extra burst of energy I need to get the job(s) done!


  2. Abbey,

    Thanks for the post! I agree with everything you said . . . except the part about coffee. Why drink coffee if Diet Coke is available? Just saying.

    Thanks for the feedback!


  3. Well, I have just been motivated! For now anyway. :) Too often my "get up and go" actually gets up and goes, without me!

    But thank you, really! I just need to remember that little things done consistently make big impacts. So I am off… to check the list for today, before today is over, and get some "little" thing done.

  4. Deborah,

    Excellent! I am glad you are motivated for now! I think my "get up and go" meets your "get up and go" for coffee on occasion . . . :)


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