"Go to Bed!" And Other Useful Strategies

Photo by twob

This Sunday is Daylight Savings, and I admit I would rather go to the dentist than reset my inner clock.

(My apologies if you are a dentist.)

See, adjusting to Daylight Savings isn’t as easy as changing the setting on the microwave. It involves re-calibrating the body’s internal clock. And that’s no small accomplishment. Statistically, more accidents occur on Daylight Savings. Perhaps because–unlike the rest of the year–every. single. person. is . . . tired.

Imagine it. A nation of people propped up on steering wheels by their elbows, slurping coffee and trying to keep their eyes open. Disaster is bound to happen.

Here is my strategy beginning tonight:

Today, tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday: I will go to bed 15 minutes earlier than I did the night before. By the time Sunday morning arrives, I’ll be none the wiser.

I plan to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed come Sunday morning. But it will only happen if I plan ahead. And, of course, it wouldn’t hurt to avoid all major roads . . .

Go to bed.

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