Guest Blogger: Happy Birthday in a House; Happy Birthday with a Mouse

Photo by Thomas Guest

I can’t think of a more fitting topic to talk about today from the Book of Mom.

Tonight I’m thankful for Theodor Geisel’s mom. 97 years ago today, she birthed this author of some 60 books. You might better recognize him by his pen name, Dr. Seuss.

My mom read me his books, and I’m now reading them to my children. That’s three generations of bonding over anapestic tetrameter. He has become an indelible watermark on my memories, and I’d venture a guess that he’s part of yours.

If you recognize any of these lines, then I know I’m right:
One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish;
I do not like them in a box; I do not like them with a fox;
But I think that the most likely reason of all may have been that his heart was two sizes too small.

He’s now an even bigger part of my memories as my little girl read her first sentence out of one of his books.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

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