In Print: So Sweet. So Wrong.

Photo of the Pez Museum by katmere

The air is fresh. The sun is shining. The sound of children’s voices fills the neighborhood.

How could I bring you anything less than a light-hearted post on a day like this?

From time to time, readers send me this basic question: What is clutter?

And so I respond by providing definitions from friends like Webster or Martha. Or I list the questions we must ask ourselves while poised over the trash can with that beloved–yet unecessary–object in our trembling hands.

But then, every once in awhile, I am gifted with an example of clutter that is so perfect–so precise–that even the folks from the show Hoarders must stand in awe with me, hands over our hearts, voices lowered to mere whispers.

I offer, as exhibit number one, the William and Kate Pez dispensers.

Admittedly, I am a total fan of royalty. I’ve watched Princess Diana’s wedding more times than I’ve watched my own. And I am waiting eagerly to see if Kate Middleton chooses The Duchess of Teck, the Strathmore, or The Delhi Durbar.

(Crowns, by the way. She’s pretty settled on William.)

BUT REALLY? These candy dispensers will soon sell on Ebay and promptly make their way onto shelves in homes around the world. And that, my dear friends, is clutter.

My favorite line from the above article: “The figure of Prince William has a lot more hair than in real life.”



  1. Prudence says:

    I think I am one of the few people who struggles less with this because I am a minimalist–almost–but I have to be careful not to sound so extremist that I offend people. And not to be wasteful. I throw things away without a second thought, and in one case (a purse I got rid of when I was very frustrated with continually stuck zippers and a torn interior), I should've given it some thought. We are trying to live on a budget, after all.

  2. Prudence says:

    But I cleaned in one house where, I believe, I had to shift books and different collectibles for about an HOUR just to get to the main cleaning. When you have that much stuff covering every inch of space, so that it takes mental AND physical gymnastics to even move it over enough to clean, I daresay it's time to reevaluate.

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