Introducing: Hospitality File

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I almost cried today.

Which, I realize–for some of my friends (particularly those who love Oprah and the Hallmark Channel)–isn’t that big of a deal. But understand, I almost sat down in the parking lot and wept like a fool.

The cause? The sun was out, the breeze was blowing, and spring was in the air.

After months of surprise blizzards (and not the kind made with mint and chocolate chip) I am ready for green grass and flowers . . . and outdoor entertainment.

Which leads me to this. After serious contemplation and conversation with some of you who frequent this site, I have decided to swap out Wednesday’s “Book of Mom” for a new weekly theme.

Introducing Hospitality File.

Each Wednesday, we’ll discuss hospitality ideas: meals, guests, entertainment, and decorating. We’ll talk timelines, strategies, timesavers, and conversation starters.

You are invited.

No RSVP needed.


  1. Hey, Trisha!
    I just "stumbled" upon your site via Facebook. Everything looks great! Looking forward to reading regularly now.

  2. This sounds terrific!

  3. Robin Smith says:

    I posted a lot of comments about entertaining and hospitality on your old site. Look forward to your posts on the new site.

  4. woohoo!!!! i love hospitality talks and ideas!!!!! looking forward to it.

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