Oh No She Didn’t!

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Driving home from work today, I heard this story on the radio and almost crashed my car.

According to sources (including this article in The Harvard Crimson), a Manhattan mother is suing a school for not adequately preparing her daughter for an Ivy League admission.

But get this.

The woman’s daughter is only 4 years old.

According to the mad mama, the 4-year-old’s $19,000 preschool education (which must have included some serious coloring books and platinum-laced crayons) wasn’t fulfilling its promise to prepare its pint-sized pupils for a private school entrance exam. Instead, the mother claims that the children were learning about shapes and colors.


A school spokesperson suggested that the child may be a less-than-adequate test taker. Or perhaps she simply cracked under the pressure.

So many things beg to be said. Such as why a $19,000 preschool education is needed for any child on any planet! What happened to counting jelly beans or writing in flour or . . . simply being a kid? That $19,000 would have bought a lot of flash cards in my day.

Hopefully the child’s mother has a fall-back plan. The little girl’s best hope at this point may be a good marriage . . .


  1. Pfeiffer Pfive says:


  2. oh my.

  3. I think my kid did alright…homeschooled…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Once again your post had me LOL. Great thoughts! Parents are crazier than the kids, IMO.

  5. These are the same types of moms that want me to teach Beethoven piano sonatas to their 2-year-olds.

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