When Mimes Go Mad

Photo by zoovroo

It’s a good thing Monday is all about the “Junk Drawer,” because I am throwing in 3 random items of business tonight.

1. Don’t forget to post the House Honcho button on your blog and let me know you did. This weekend I am rolling out a tab with all of the blogs that link to www.househoncho.com. Yours should be included!

2. If you’re interested in throwing your name in the hat for a free cookbook, read about The Daniel Fast and let us know how you celebrate spring. (We’ve had several great ideas shared! Thank you for your participation!)

And now for a story.

On Friday night, my husband and I decided to celebrate another week completed. So we went out for Thai food. Sitting at a table next to us was a mother and her three children. (The oldest daughter was in second grade, we would learn.) Imagine our surprise when we watched the mother retrieve the pile of stylish iPod Touches from her purse and distribute them like vitamins. Each member of the family–including the Mama–took an iPod, and a meal of eating with heads bent over electronics ensued.

There was less conversation at that table than exists at a mime competition.

And that is when I made a note to self: No electronics at the dinner table. Ever.


  1. so sad.

  2. Well said. In our house, we never answer our cell phones at the dinner table. Electronics can wait

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