CONTEST: Facebook for Tastebook

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It’s Friday night. Let’s ANNOUNCE A CONTEST!

Who doesn’t appreciate a bit of a celebration now and then? So let’s get this party started . . .

Over on the Facebook page, you will notice that–as of right now–our group is 366 members strong. This is barely a fraction of the people who visit the blog daily and/or receive the to-do list.

So this contest is all about rewarding those who are showing support.

One week from today–Friday, April 22, at midnight, I will draw one winner who will receive a $25 gift certificate for

There are 3 ways to get your name in the hat.

1. Go to the House Honcho Facebook group and “share.” (There is a button on the left-hand side of the Facebook page that serves this very purpose!)

2. Join the House Honcho Facebook group. (At 500 members, I will be adding a page to the blog with all of the Honcho Hints we’ve collected with each new member.)

3. Mention House Honcho in a Facebook status. (This week, I will share some of the clever status updates I heard about during this contest last year. Funny stuff.)

Each time you do one of these things, respond to this post with the name you want entered in the hat and how many entries you’ve earned. You are eligible for an entry every time to do one of the above.

Need a little incentive? Check out There’s no better cookbook printer on the planet.

Let the contest begin.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Please enter the name Lucy in the hat. I just notified my friends via Facebook. Thanks!

  2. Becci Sundberg says:

    I am a fan of HH on FB. Please enter the name Becci Sundberg.
    Can't find the suggest friends button though

  3. The Brammers says:

    Already a satisfied member of the HHFB page. Can't find the suggest a friend button.
    I did add a check out House Honcho FB and blog to my status on Facebook.
    Is Tastebook actually a FB page or is it Taste of Home?

  4. Becci Sundberg says:

    I have done a shout out on my personal FB page for HH.
    Enter the name Becci Sundberg

  5. Thank you! Thank you, all. I have updated the blog post. The "suggest to friends" button is now called "share." It is on the left-hand side of the page under "report page." But please don't report me . . . even though I goofed! :)


  6. The Brammers says:

    I have shared and now liked Taste Book as well.
    What a great gift idea.

  7. I shared on Facebook. Nicole Smith

  8. Becci Sundberg says:

    I have now Shared! Lol Trisha don't stress why woudl we report such and awesome page.
    Please put Becci sundberg down again!

  9. Thank you for your support. It means more than you know.

    LOL, Becci! :)

  10. Rebekah Kotlar says:

    I did all of the above b/c I didn't know your blog EXISTED before tonight 😉

  11. Anonymous says:

    LLLOOOVVEEE this blog!! I've now "shared" with my friends and joined your fb page…that's 2 tickets in the hat for me. YAY…really want a tastebook now!!!

    ~Rosa :~)

  12. Anonymous says:

    I have joined the group and shared the FB page :)


  13. I "joined" the group, and I shared HH with my friends on facebook. Please enter "Melanie Hartenburg" into the contest :-)

  14. I cannot get past my filter to register; can you send the daily email to thx!

  15. Stephenson Family says:

    Patti/status and shared link

  16. Anonymous says:

    I shared and joined the FB group. Judy Marshall

  17. Frugal Female says:

    I shared on facebook! Shannon H

  18. Frugal Female says:

    I like House Honcho on facebook! Shannon H

  19. Frugal Female says:

    I posted a status about House Honcho on facebook! :) Shannon H

  20. I am a FB fan. Sarah A.

  21. I suggested this to my friends on FB. Sarah A.

  22. I just used this in a FB status. Sarah A.

  23. bakeaholic says:

    I joined the group and just shared the FB page Audrey

  24. Anonymous says:

    i'm not sure why i'm just now reading your blog – i love it! gives me a little motivation to keep going some days:) good work!
    i also liked HH on fb:)
    Eunice White;)

  25. HeatherLynn says:

    I just became a fan on facebook! HeatherLynn

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