Dear June: On Fads and Tacky Cars

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Dear June

What changes are going on now that require us to take a fresh look at how we run our homes? I worry that trends will change the way homemakers are viewed.

–Marilyn Mackey, Ontario

Dear Marilyn from Ontario,

First of all, I need you to know that I know the national anthem of Canada. It bears no significance on this conversation, but I’ve known it since eighth grade. And now that I have told you, I feel validated for all these years of knowing and loving it.

So thank you.

The thing to understand about trends is that they are simply the loudest opinions.

There are strong groups that support home managers. There are strong groups that disparage home managers. It will likely always be that way, though the specific statistics may waffle in various generations.

(To those who discount the benefits of a home manager, I say psssht. I don’t like the color yellow or the Subaru Baja. Who cares?)

As for the trends we need to concern ourselves with, I believe that entertainment, social, media, and religious fads will always pose the largest threats to our homes. As fads are really only popularity inspired by peer pressure, they really have all the nutrition of cardboard when it comes to the health of our family.

Bottom line: It doesn’t matter what people think. But then again, we’ve spent our whole lives trying to convince ourselves of that truism . . . eh?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Great comment about trends. They aren't worth worrying about. I love your insights into things.

    Natalie D.

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