Forget the Facelift

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Ever wondered what a bad mood is good for? Tonight, in our In Print post, I offer a benefit for your consideration.

Earlier this week I received an e-mail from a reader who thanked me for sending the daily to-do list. In her note, she went out of her way to stress that she isn’t a bad home manager, she’s just a forgetful one.

(Which, FYI, the only thing you prove by signing up for the daily e-mail is that you are efficient. No judging happens on my part. But that’s an entirely different matter.)

Today I am confident that Haley M. from Texas is a cheerful person.

See, according to msnbc, a cheery mood makes you more forgetful. Meaning–inductive reasoning permitted–that our memory is better served by a bad mood.

Perhaps it’s a good idea to stub your toe or lock yourself out of your car before taking that test or giving that presentation.

According to the aforementioned article by Linda Carroll, “The solution is simple. If you know that your memory isn’t going to be as reliable when you’re in a good mood, you can take steps to counter that effect, like writing down people’s phone numbers or consciously associating something important with a new acquaintance’s name.”

. . . or signing up for House Honcho’s simple, daily to-do list.

Just saying.

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