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Photo by Taste of Home

Today we open the Hospitality File. And man, do I have a deal for you!

As you may know–if you’ve followed this crazy blog for any length of time–I am a magazine connoisseur. (Is that possible? Whatever. No matter.) Very little compares to receiving a brand new magazine in the mail filled with ideas I can try in my home.

(I also love clipping the articles and tossing the magazine before it clutters my office. I am a total fan of building an actual hospitality file. Consider using scissors and filing magazine articles in a binder or folder.)

Because I work for the mother of all magazine corporations, it is my privilege to receive free magazines in the mail every month. Truly, it’s like collecting money that falls right out of the sky. Imagine me, with a bucket, running around my front yard screaming, “Yippee!”

So today I’m going to share the love.

Between now and Tuesday, the following magazine subscriptions are on sale for $5 each.

Taste of Home (Real food from real home cooks)
Healthy Cooking (All flavor, no guilt)
Simple & Delicious (Quick cooking with everyday ingredients)
Every Day with Rachael Ray (Great food and good fun)

No, these magazines do not belong to my place of employment. So I am not collecting kickbacks or padding my pension. I am just passing along an opportunity to get a little bit more out of life … and broaden your hospitality file while you’re at it.



  1. I love, love, love Taste of Home. See the cheesecake on the cover above? I've made it for three years for the Christmas open house that my pastor husband and I host annually for our church family, and it is a hit every year. (There are people who look forward to it!) I've been a subscriber for fourteen years, and it is a great resource for me.

  2. Allison,

    That was a lovely recommendation of a wonderful magazine! (If I were Taste of Home, I'd be turning all sorts of pink!) And boy, after looking at that cover, I wish I could be part of your open house!

    Keep it simple–

  3. Hmmm…Which to pick??? My mom-in-law gets Taste of Home and always shares…so maybe I'll pick Rachael Ray. But, my sister-in-law recommends Simple and Delicious! Decisions, decisions!

    Oh, and clipping articles/recipes you like and pitching the rest is the BEST advice! I've been doing that for years. I have seen what a cabinet full of Taste of Home looks like…and how long it takes to find "that recipe", and it's a little scary!

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