Guest Post: Each Day as It Comes

cabinet-less kitchen

The following guest post was sent to me by a faithful, encouraging reader from Australia. (Subsequently, it is most enjoyable if you read this post with an Australian accent …)

Beware of the BITE.

Once you are bitten by the declutter bug your entire outlook of life changes.

The 3 extra sets of used glasses are no longer needed. Instead your best and most favorite ones are used each and every time with pleasure and joy.

The 5 spare packets of pasta, 4 spare tins of sauce, and numerous packet dinner mixes that all expired and are tossed before used becomes organized, fresh and enjoyed meals that are planned and eaten because we chose to have them not just to use up the food in the pantry.

There is no need to buy that cheap top that looks like a bargain. It is said that 20% of our clothes are at work 80% of the time, so with keeping this in mind–ensure you buy the nicest top if you need a new one and make it a new favorite.

I mostly enjoy being able to have people call over and not have to do a mad dash, shutting doors, pushing things into cupboards and hoping they’ll shut to hide all …

Thanks to the House Honcho daily To Do lists, slowly–now I do mean VERY SLOWLY I am now GETTING SORTED since being bitten and you can to.

Thank you, Each Day as It Comes!


  1. HeatherLynn says:

    I found House Honcho two days ago and I already see an improvement. And I don't feel like I cleaned the whole time. I still have a long way to go of course but have my table cleared, the counters looking better, and the bathroom cleaned made me feel good when I woke up this morning!

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