In Print: Dog Massage? Isn’t Petting Enough?

Photo by Trisha: Grandma’s spastic cat

Right now, I am sitting in my grandma’s living room with three of my cousins . . .

. . . (One of whom is an army wife in Korea and one of whom is a music teacher in the Philippines and one of whom is a mother in Michigan) and we are watching Grandma’s spastic cat, Charlotte, try to escape out the front door while we listen to my cousin talk about her magic toilet.

(Don’t ask.)

Perhaps Charlotte the cat needs a massage. Pet massages are on the rise, after all.

Check out today’s In Print article from The New York Times.

The opening lines of the article, by Jennifer Bleyer, read:

RENEE LANE’S living room had been transformed into a spa. Candles twinkled on the coffee table; lavender oil scented the air; lilting guitar music played softly on the stereo. Grace, Ms. Lane’s 2-year-old caramel-colored toy poodle, leaped onto the sofa and, in response to Ms. Lane’s cooing invitation (“Want to lay down for Mama?”), got into position for her evening massage. . .

Read the article here.

Think pet massages are an unfortunate waste of money? So are magic toilets . . .


  1. Minnesota Cousin (Almost Michigan) says:

    Sounds like you guys are having a great time!

  2. A member of Queen Charlotte's entourage says:

    Oh to have that money for a massage for me! 😉 But I am very thankful for toilets…all of which are magical to me (when they are functioning)!

    ps. I LOVE that spastic cat!!

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