On Vapors and Beatings

Photo by tvol

Tonight my heart is full.

This morning, I learned that a sweet friend passed away after a 3-year battle with cancer. And this evening I attended the wedding rehearsal of a dear cousin who is marrying the widower of a lady who died of cancer almost 2 years ago.

That is the way of life, isn’t it? We celebrate the ones we love whether they are coming or going from this earth. And we cherish the memories between the bookends.

So in lieu of any deep thinking–for I am afraid any more thinking would cause my mind to short circuit right now–I would like to share this tip, picked up from a conversation at tonight’s dinner table.

From my cousin, Joanne:

If you dye Easter eggs this weekend, consider tucking the egg in a whisk before passing it off to your child to dip in the dyes. Not only is the whisk easier to handle than most cheap kit devices, but the egg can take a bit more of a (should we say it?) . . . beating.

Consider the photo above to see what I mean.

Hold your loved ones close this weekend. Life is a vapor.


  1. christina hairgrove says:

    thanks, trisha. God has gifted you to be a bright spot….

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