Paint by Mortgage

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Interested in having your mortgage paid in full for the next year? The answer could be as simple as painting your house.

According to a recent article on, the startup advertising firm Adzookie struck advertising gold when it decided to turn homes into giant billboards.

No doubt cheaper than the cost of renting billboards in high-traffic areas, the company says it will pay the home mortgage every month that a home remains painted (as seen in the photo above).

For Adzookie and homeowners experiencing mortgage crises, this arrangement could be a win/win. But before you run to the website to apply, consider this report from

Adzookie launched the offer on its website Tuesday — and by late afternoon, the company had already received more than 1,000 applications, according to Adzookie CEO Romeo Mendoza. One even came from a church.

(Renters need not apply.)

In other news, welcome to the hundreds who have stumbled on via our current contest. The flood of private messages and positive responses has been overwhelming. Feel free to join the conversation, add your two cents to the blog, or even contact Adzookie and let us know how it goes . . .

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