The Paperless Post

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So perhaps I am opening a can of worms today, but I am interested in discussing the advent of online invitations.

Ten years ago, I doubt online invites even existed. (Perhaps they did and I was living under a rock. Feel free to enlighten me.) But it seems–at least when it comes to my own e-mail inbox–I am receiving more of these paperless invites all the time.

And truly, I don’t mind.

Maybe it’s a sign of my age. Maybe it’s an indication of the times in which we live. Perhaps I have a raging desire to preserve the trees. Chalk it up to whatever you like, but I think online invitations are the way to go.

Consider the following online invitation sites:

Anyvite (Import your guest list from your address book)
Atomeet (Full party planning features)
Evite (Lots of designs to choose from)
Paperless Post (Great “stationery” feel–envelopes included)
Pingg (utilizes Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and other options)
Smilebox (includes music and photos)

Perhaps, for that little summer shindig you know you want to host, you can try the paperless post and let us know how it goes . . .


  1. Anonymous says:

    Great idea! I am a lurker on this website but I often take things away that you shared with us. Thank you for a great site. I am planning to share it at the MOPS.

    Ania Benovitz

  2. SocialApproach says:

    oh my, don't forget

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