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Dear June

I have never been very good about bringing fruits and vegetables into my home for my family to eat. This summer I have decided to pick my own produce as much as possible and wonder how you know how to care properly for the different things you pick. I have researched online several different sites and see different instructions. Is this just something you try out (like trial and error) or is this something you can share with me. How do you know what to do with your produce?

April from Minneapolis

Dear April from Minneapolis,

Instead of waxing eloquent on what you should do with your produce–(congrats, by the way for making such a great decision for your family!)–I am going to share a worksheet I received in the mail a few months ago. I hope this will be helpful as you health-ify your life.

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Tomato, tom-ah-to,


  1. Anonymous says:

    Trisha! I love this! Thanks for posting. I ordered the groupon a while back for this company to deliver produce to my door-step and have yet to use it. I appreciate the question from the reader too, as it is one of those things I can add to my list of I know a little about a lot of things… :)
    Sarah F

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