The Strength of Three

Photo by HarshLight

I have 3 items of business to bring to your attention. (Three is quickly becoming a trend on Monday nights.)

1. CourtneyB is the winner of The Daniel Fast Made Delicious. In response to the question of how she celebrates spring, Courtney said she does so, “. . . with CHANGE and PROGRESS! Spring brings back the motivation that I’ve been lacking all winter. Reminding myself daily to ‘Just be faithful today’ … keeps me from getting overwhelmed.”

Lovely answer, Courtney! (Now keep me from getting overwhelmed by sending me your contact info ASAP so I can send you your new cookbook!)

2. You will notice a new tab at the top of the page. I am now pleased to link to those who link to House Honcho. Consider it a mom-to-mom sale. Minus the moms. Plus the blogs.

3. My heart is a million miles away tonight. (Well, technically 8,557 miles.) We received word that our adoption case has the potential of being reviewed tonight (while we’re sleeping) by the overseas child adoption board. Should our case be reviewed, we can finally discuss travel.

Tonight, in my tidied living room, I met with my brother, sister-in-law, and husband. Huddled together and connected by compassion for our little brown-eyed buddy, we prayed that our 749 days of waiting is almost finished.

We’re ready to bring him home.


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