To: The Reluctant Entertainer

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Jo Naylor

Tonight I’m going to keep this simple. Below are 10 hospitality tips that I have collected over the years from people who know a whole lot more than I.

1. Stick to easy recipes on nights when you have guests in your home. (The crock pot is your friend!)

2. Consider playing quiet music. (This cuts down on awkward silence.)

3. Let people bring something if they ask. (Save on cost and prep time.)

4. Nervous about preparing a full meal? Invite guests for dessert and coffee.

5. Make sure there is an extra roll of toilet paper in the bathroom. (Enough said?)

6. Find a way that each member of the family can participate in the preparation. (Don’t go it alone!)

7. Ask guests about allergies or preferences ahead of time. (Think pets or nuts. Or both.)

8. If you’re nervous about the timing of everything, put out a small appetizer (think crackers or fruit or pretzels) and guests will assume any delay is intentional.

9. Create a high-level agenda for the evening. (Write it down if you feel inclined.)

10. Keep in mind the reason you are inviting people to your house.

I still have miles to go as it pertains to hospitality, but I consistently remind myself of this: Even if the evening doesn’t go as planned, I can always fail better next time . . .


  1. Rebekah K. says:

    Use a light air freshner, potpourri, spray, or application of febreeze, so no one is overpowered by a WHOOSH of smell when they enter or take a seat :)

  2. Nice, Rebekah K.!

    And oh, so true! (If your guests are crying right after crossing your threshhold, it's probably not out of joy.)


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