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California Cthulhu (Will Hart)

I really do believe we could solve at least some of the economic crisis with 2 words: Go home.

Consider an article printed in The New York Times last week entitled,
In South Delhi, a Home for Three Generations
. From the article:

Multigenerational households were once quite common in India, but the tradition has faded somewhat among the upper class as the country has modernized, especially in families concerned about the messy squabbles that might arise over varying lifestyles.

And there you have it: multigenerational households.

Now, before you go looking for tomatoes to throw my way, consider the following issues in light of living with the entire family: retirement costs would be simpler, childcare would be provided, unemployment wouldn’t necessarily threaten the loss of a home or livelihood, household tasks would be divided over more people . . .

The list could go on.

Someone send a memo to the President. Perhaps the solution to our budget crisis is as simple as returning to our roots.

(Anyone have a better idea?)


  1. I agree Trisha!!! I keep trying to get my mom to move in with us… :-)

  2. Heather Nelson says:

    We live in the DC area and multi-generational households are fairly common here. Mainly because the cost of living is so high. I will say that most of these households are Indian and Asian. Interesting…

  3. So when can Dad and I move in with you? :)

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