Calling All Coupon Mavens

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I am no financial guru. Granted, I consider myself a good family economist, but I am no Donald Trump (or Dave Ramsey, or Suze Orman).

In lieu of tonight’s In Print, I am excited to announce an update for I was going to save this announcement for June 1st, but I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve with this update.

Having been recently inspired by TLC’s Extreme Couponing, I am excited to announce that, in addition to quick home remedies and cleaning tips, I will be posting home-related coupons and freebies on the House Honcho Facebook page beginning tomorrow.

Nothing crazy. Maybe 3 to 5 savings opportunities a week. Basically, the best ones I can find to share with you, my favorite home economists.

Make cents?

Thank you, TLC.


  1. teamkobza says:

    I live in Canada and we can't Extreme Coupon like you guys can. No double coupon days and at least on the west coast you can't carry forward overages – though I heard Wal-Mart might be starting to do that soon. There are a few stores where we can stack coupons so that helps.

    I love the thrill of saving 50,60 even 75% off your bill. But I worry about the people I see on this show. Does someone really need 75 bottles of laundry soap, 125 boxes of cereal and/or 400 bottles of Gatorade? Watched last night where one lady got 'paid' to buy 50 some boxes of cat food – she was so proud of her stash then had to admit she doesn't even have a cat. Another lady said she had a year's worth of food in her stockpile. Enough cake mixes to make each of her kids a birthday cake for like 100+ years. Some of these stockpiles have more food than our 7-11.

    I understand that the people being interviewed on the show have gone through some tough financial times. Being in Canada we seem to have been sheltered by that but it does remind me of my mom who was born during WWII and my grandparents who lived through both wars and their scarcity mentality. And so I feel more sad than excited for the people on the show.

  2. teamkobza,

    You said it better than I could! I couldn't agree more that the show is fascinating to watch, yet sad simultaneously. When you wrote about the woman and the cat food, I thought about the woman who filled her garage with diapers even though she doesn't have a baby.

    The extreme shopping would be put to better use if people gave their excess to those in need. Agreed?

    Thanks for your excellent feedback–

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