Hello, Cupcake!

Photo by Trisha

In the words of NPR, “There’s a nationwide cupcake boom

What’s new, right? This “cupcake proliferation” has obviously been baking for the past few years. You can hardly visit a bakery or bookstore (or convenience store for that matter) without being inundated by these tiny orbits of sugary goodness.

But after attending a recent wedding where the bride served “Mr.” and “Mrs.” cupcakes at her reception, I began thinking about why cupcakes work so well in terms of hospitality.

Consider the following. Cupcakes:

1. are relatively cheap to create
2. are versatile
3. (usually) come in healthier proportions than planet-sized pieces of cake
4. are easy to make
5. are completely customizable

I think I am going to consider making cupcakes for my next gathering.

And now for some (actual) flavors I am not ready to try:

Red velvet cake with chili powder
Chocolate macadamia with sea salt and olive oil
Chocolate and bacon
Vanilla and green tea

Happy Cupcake-ing,


  1. mitchandcarissa says:

    here in charlotte cup cakes are all the rave.

    chocolate with sea salt is an amazing combination…not sure where the olive oil comes in.

    in a taste of home magazine some months ago there was a section devoted completely to bacon. there were bacon recipes, bacon gifts, bacon themed clothing, even chocolate covered bacon candies & bacon band-aids. maybe the chocolate/bacon cupcakes would be a hit…but that is one recipe i'm not willing to try as a first with guests;)

  2. I'm actually planning on making cupcakes for my spring recital. It's totally the trend now.

  3. Ha ha! All of those "yucky" flavors sound good to me! But I would only try the chocolate and bacon variety at breakfast…

  4. Cupcakes are a small luxury, and I think that's why they work out despite the economic climate – just like the sales of lipsticks go up in a recession. I have a local cupcake shop that I make a special outing to every few weeks – I'd rather have a perfect fresh little cupcake than a mediocre cream doughnut any day!

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