A Love that Moves Mountains

Photo of Jessica Council

Tonight, in honor of Mother’s Day Week, I bring you an article that has stayed with me since I first read it almost one month ago.

I suppose, in some ways, the article made its impression on me because I have connections to this couple. (You know, friends of friends of friends . . .)

But no doubt, the article impacted me–(read: changed my life)–because this mother stood by her convictions even when it cost her dearly. It’s one thing to give verbal assent to a belief, yet another thing entirely to live by it.

This article, written by John Sevac, begins:

April 20, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) – In August of last year Jessica Council – a beautiful, 30-year-old mother of one – noticed that she had a sore throat. At around the same time, she also began to suspect that she was pregnant.

When after two weeks the sore throat had not gone away, Jessica decided to have it checked out. Her doctor told her that it was probably a thyroid goiter, and ultimately nothing to be too concerned about. Just to be sure, however, he had a test done, which he said confirmed his initial suspicions. Everything would be ok, he said.

But everything was not ok. The doctor had misread the test . . .

I strongly encourage you to read on . . .


  1. Selfless love. So Christ-like.

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