Out with the Cold. In with the Dew.

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In today’s Junk Drawer, I bring you 3 exciting, quasi-related things.

1. We have exceeded 500 fans on our Facebook group! Thank you for your support! As promised, I am going to add a tab on this website with all of the Honcho Hints we’ve collected with each new fan. And I will continue to add a hint or tip for each person who joins the Facebook group.

2. Since announcing that I will be sharing money-saving tips in the Facebook group, I have been inundated with coupons and deals from many of you. Thank you for your feedback! So as to keep it simple (and unique from other money-saving sites), I am going to limit the alerts on the Facebook page to FREEBIES. Last week, we gave away some dog food, spices, and Arby’s alerts. This week, look for more FREEBIES.

(Also, I am actively looking for FREEBIES for our international readers!)

3. Finally, I enjoyed the following clip this morning from the Today show. The point I want to draw our attention to is something iVillage Home Decor Contributor, Susanna Salk, said early into the clip:

The stuff that holds your stuff should have personality.


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Happy Monday!


  1. Good idea! My goal is now: don't buy any more storage containers, new. Life is a lot more fun with toys in retro plastic-weave waste paper baskets, thrift-shop trays and wooden boxes!

  2. I'm a huge fan of decorative boxes with lids. You can store almost anything in them, and they look clean and neat.

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