Spring: The Perpetual Astonishment

Photo by Theresa Thompson

Alright, Friends. It’s Friday night. I’m going to say what’s on my mind and then duck out the back door before any of you throw tomatoes.

The weather is paradise-perfect. I smell the clippings of freshly-mowed grass. The sound of children’s voices wafts lazily down the street. My husband is out for an evening walk with our crazy golden lab, Bronte.

Which is why it pains me to bring up the subject of Christmas.

On the eve of what is sure to be a record number of backyard barbeques, why would I bring up a holiday that is smack dab in the middle of nature’s nastiest head cold? (Sure. Winter has its fine points. But have you noticed the slush that sits on the side of the road for months on end?)

Because I love you.

Here is part of an e-mail I received from my sister-in-law this week:

I know this is kind of early (or really early!) but I was wondering what you all would like to do as far as Christmas gift-giving for this Christmas. Gifts just for the kids, for everyone, draw names, family gifts … that kind of thing. What’s your preference?

And herein is my gift to you on this balmy spring evening that would leave poets like Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson with nothing to say:

PLAN AHEAD. Start small. Start now. We’re nearing the half-way point. Plan now. Enjoy later.

. . . [sound of ducking]

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