Think Again! 10 Gifts that Could Land You in the Dog House

Photo by JesseBarker : (FYI: This hamster’s name is Cupcake)

Let me put it to you bluntly. It’s not always the thought that counts. Below, I offer you 10 bad ideas for Mother’s Day gifts.

(Thankfully, if you bought any of these, you still have time to return them.)

1. A bouquet of dead flowers
2. An ant farm
3. Chocolates (left over from Christmas)
4. Hair dye
5. Gym membership
6. A third crock pot
7. Cleaning supplies
8. Anti-wrinkle cream
9. A grill
10. A hamster (dead or alive)

Since I would hate to leave you on a negative note, (such as you might expect if you give your mom a gift card to the dentist) please consider this bit of advice from Naomi Hodge when I asked her about the best Mother’s Day gift she’s ever received:

“My favourite Mother’s Day gift that I’ve been given is the homemade cards my daughters make. I love that they put so much effort into them.”

Bottom line, Friends. Keep it heartfelt. Keep it simple.

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