Cover Girl

Princess Diana and Kate Middleton on the cover of the July 4, 2011, issue of Newsweek magazine.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Brilliant or bad taste? Tonight’s In Print brings you a photo that is touching nerves–for good or bad–around the world. In celebration of her 50th birthday, the cover shows Princess Diana as she might appear if she were still alive. The jury is still out about what I think about this Newsweek cover. What do YOU think?

Tonight I want to bring you tip #10 in the 10 tips that could change our lives if we allow them to work. (Tomorrow night I will bring you tip #9 …)

Tip #10: Keep your goals simple. One of the reasons the House Honcho program (and other programs) work is because the goals are simple. Having as a goal to “clean the house” or “white glove the basement” is tough because it’s large. “Conquering the world” rarely gets anyone anywhere.

No matter what our goals are–whether we’re cleaning a cabinet or clearing a counter–we will be much more likely to reach them if they are achievable.

Three more days to enter the contest!

Keep it simple–

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