E-mealz: My Gift to YOU

Photo by RowdyKittens

Tonight, I bring you a Web site I stumbled across this afternoon and can’t stop thinking about.

Introducing E-mealz.

E-mealz is essentially a site that does the planning for you! One of the most common reasons people say they don’t cook is because they don’t have time to plan.

From E-mealz:

• The dinner menu is concisely organized in a one-page chart (no long recipes or printing several pages – just one sheet to keep up with in your kitchen!)

• No wordy instructions – just to the point and easy to follow at-a-glance (for the harried Mom!)

• All the side dishes are included in the menu and grocery list

• Grocery list is concisely organized by grocery sections in a one-page chart

• Includes an extra column for you to add “Other Groceries I Need”

• The TOTAL COST of your grocery list is given at the bottom (except for the Any Store plans). We work to keep the grocery total at a $75 average.

• Necessary staples are listed and organized by meal #

• Want to eliminate a meal? Just cross out each grocery item on the grocery list with that corresponding meal # beside it. (Takes just a minute!)

Brilliant, really. Best of all, Dave Ramsey approves.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks intriguing! I am horrible about planning meals and shopping. If only this site were free…

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