Electronics Making You Sick?

Photo by skippyjon

I’m not going to lie. Each year around this time, I am tempted to unplug, disconnect, flip the switch, and power down. I don’t know if it’s the weather or my raging insanity, but life without electronics grows more appealing all the time.

I actually crave being Amish sometimes.

(Oh the irony of writing that on a blog.)

In today’s In Print, I bring you an article from msnbc about people who are saying, “no” to electronics and, “yes” to simplicity.

The opening lines of the article by Melissa Dahl read:

“Much of modern life — the buzzing of cell phones, the humming of laptops, the ubiquity of wifi — is enough to give anyone a headache. But what if electromagnetic waves really did make you sick?”

That’s right. There are people who actually get sick in the presence of electronics.

Blessing in disguise? I dare say.

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