Happy Endings

Photo by tsuacctnt

Tonight I watched a magnificent fireworks display in the lot behind my church.

As the first round of fireworks climbed the sky–whistling on the incline–I watched a child clasp his hands over his ears and shove his elbows close to his ribs. His brows drew together, and I could tell he was bracing for something he didn’t expect to enjoy.

And then the colors filled the sky–first red, then green, then blue–and I watched the child let go of his ears. Soon enough, he was laughing and pointing and clapping. Fifteen minutes later, he didn’t want the display to conclude.

And I thought of this:

If we could see from God’s view and through His eyes, we would not fear tomorrow. We would know with certainty that the sovereign God of Heaven rules perfectly every day and in every decision, even when we are in the depths.

If we had God’s knowledge and God’s power and God’s love, we would choose for  us what He has chosen for us every single time.

Good thing for us, God always knows the conclusion to our concerns, and the conclusion is always better than we predict.

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