Welcome to My Dark Place

Step into my office.

Because today is Favorite Things Friday, I’ve decided to give you a quick tour of one of my all-time favorites. Introducing my desk . . . where the magic happens.

Photo by me: my office essentials–water, phone, calculator, random drawing of Christopher Walken on my white board

Never to be outdone by a doctor’s office, I keep a full stack on hand at all times:

Photo by me: have you seen anything more attractive?

Want a home office? Here are 5 important points to consider:

1. Stock your office space with the items you need so that precious office time isn’t spent running around the house looking for scissors or pens (or candy).

2. Don’t have an extra room for your office? Look for space under the stairs, in a walk-in closet, in the garage. (My first home office was in the laundry room.)

3. Remember the golden rule: You can mount a shelf just about anywhere.

4. The more you enjoy your office, the easier it will be to return. Make it a pleasant space.

5. You can make a desk out of anything. A door or old countertop material placed over saw horses is sufficient.

Nothing says, “Bliss” like a home office. Enjoy!


  1. Robin Smith says:

    Bliss truly is a home office. Mine is not near as neat as your picture, but I love it all the same. It houses my treasured books, my kindle (when not in use, my computer, and pages of ideas, thoughts, goals, and more. Glad to know I'm not the only person in this world that loves this little section of my home.

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