Better Belts and Playdough

Check out this old old wooden thread spool with baby pink thread against a soft robins egg blue background by GrainnePhotography

The August edition of Better Homes and Gardens just landed on my desk, replete with a photo of Michelle Obama, looking lovely in a lilac dress, tan belt, and yellow sweater. And in other news, why are we talking about AUGUST?

Where has the summer gone? I heard rumors of Halloween candy on display in the stores. Say it isn’t so!

In today’s Junk Drawer, I bring you 3 random things.

1. In the aforementioned Better Homes and Gardens (of which I have only so far browsed–the real reading comes later), I saw this statement from Joyce Anderson, author of Help! I’m Knee-Deep in Clutter! “Parents aren’t doing children a service to let them live in squalor” (page 191).

I suppose we know that we aren’t doing ourselves a favor when we let children run rampant with the entirety of their toy collection, but where does it harm the children? Interesting food for thought.

2.  Cool Web site alert! Ever think a photo you took belongs on a postcard? Check out:

From the Web site: instantly print and ship photos from Instagram, Facebook, or your photo albums with the free Postagram iPhone and Android apps. Send high-quality photos to friends and family, anywhere, anytime.

3. Finally, from a reader, a recipe for edible playdough. Try at your own risk.

1/2 cup of peanut butter
1/4 cup honey
less than 1 cup of corn meal and/or non-fat dry milk

Mix PB and honey. Pour in 1/2 cup of corn meal or dry milk, mix w/ hands, and continue adding corn/milk until you reach desired consistency.

Between the edible playdough and the yellow sweater, I hope you found something in the junk drawer to enjoy. Keep it simple!

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