Calling All Contest Mavens: One Day Left to Enter!

Photo by MJ/TR (´・ω・)

One more day to enter the contest! Don’t forget to let me know what you did! Leave a comment! Leave a question! The contest ends tomorrow at midnight.

Picking up on the next tip in our 10-tip countdown.

Tip #10: Keep your goals simple. (Read the post here.)

Tip #9: Create actionable steps.

To-do lists are fabulous for such a goal as this. In my planner each morning, I list the items that must get done during the day. Under each “umbrella” item, I list the steps that are necessary to completing the goal. Seeing the pieces enables me to better estimate the required time, energy, and resources.

Need a little motivation from a post from the past?

Dear June, Motivate Me!

Come back tomorrow for a photo I plan to post in honor of the July 4th weekend.

Be safe,

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