Cue the Scary Shark Music

Photo by VFS Digital Design

Since the time I was a child, I have had vivid dreams.

Growing up, my parents limited my television after 7:00 at night to only those programs that promoted positive (read: non-active) thinking. Even Bambi was too violent after the sun went down. My mom actually blocked scenes in movies she taped on the television for fear that I would find them. (Our version of The Princess Bride is missing the scene with the R.O.U.S.’s).

No joke, if I saw or heard anything distressing before bedtime, I dreamed about it in full technicolor.

For good or bad, I dream big. But no dream of mine has ever been as good as this article. In my wildest dreams, I have never imagined a home that could hold 10 tons of books.

You really should check out this house. Amazing. I’m adding this house to my Christmas list.

Apparently you haven’t imagined it, either, since I received more e-mail about this article than I’ve received in a long time about any article. Dozens of you forwarded this article to me today.

Thank you. Tonight’s dream should be interesting.

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