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Nothing says summer like ballet flats. Check out these by spirocreations!

Happy Friday!

In today’s Favorite Things Friday I am happy to bring you two of my favorite things–along with July’s update to this blog.

First of all, I love wall sayings. Walk around my house and you will notice a museum of things I like to think about. I’ve painted a line from one of my favorite songs on the living room wall, for instance, and there is a small handwritten card in my bedroom with a verse I like to remember. On the bathroom mirror there is a list of three truths I daily remind myself to consider.

The list could go on. Sayings exist all over my house.

I believe that sayings posted on the wall have the power to creep into our subconscious. Hopefully–specifically if the sayings are true or helpful–they make a permanent impact in our thinking over time.

So, you ask, what do these wall sayings have to do with Favorite Things Friday?

So glad you asked.

As soon as you enter my home, there is a frame on the wall with these words: An attitude of gratitude creates blessings. And that is one of my favorite things.

Second of all, I love Etsy. If you are not familiar with Etsy or are in need of an overdose of inspiration, I challenge you to visit the Web site. I could permanently bankrupt myself in thirty minutes on that site. (Now, no doubt, you are itching to rush right over and check it out.)

For July’s change, I am excited to announce that I am teaming up with various Etsy shops to bring creative ideas to this blog–things I hope will engage the part of your brain that creates beauty for your home and family. If you run an Etsy shop, feel free to contact me about posting photos of your wares and I will take a look.

Hopefully–more often than not–the daily blogs will feature creativity from Etsy shop owners. Prepare to be amazed.

Have a great weekend!


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